Day 4 – Trip West

June 25:
Awake to another drizzle. This is our Canyon Day plus whatever else we ramble to…

It’s in the mid 40s when we leave Grant at 7:45 AM. Pretty drive along the lake and through the Hayden Valley. The valley is open with the Yellowstone River winding through it & gentle hillsides of sagebrush.   Saw many bison and geese. Stopped for a couple bison to cross the road.

Hayden Valley
Brief bison jam
Lower Falls from Artist Point – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The drizzle stopped just as we arrived at The Grand  Canyon of Yellowstone & Artist Point. Amazing views of the canyon & lower falls. Canyon walls, like other rock in the park, are yellow in hue – how the park got its name. Drove both South & North Rim drives & stopped at all overlooks, walk around, took many pictures. Don’t hike as much as planned due to wetness, chill & threat of more rain.

Upper Falls

Toured through Canyon Visitor Center – interesting volcano exhibit. Stopped at the Canyon store for coffee & a snack. Then head to Norris area with a detour on the 2 mile, one-way Virginia Cascades Drive. Spent over an hour at Norris Geyser Basin walking the Back Basin (1.5 mi.) loop. Wood board walks again with lots of pines around & mountain views. Prettier than some other geyser areas.

Steamboat Geyser was quiet, North Geyser Basin
Emerald Spring, Norris Geyer Basin

Quick visit to Museum of the National Park Ranger. Basically, this is a small, 2 room museum – small but interesting.
Drove north as far as Obsidian Cliff in search of picnic area… turned around & stopped near Norris area for a quick lunch (chilly & breezy). Aided a family from Montana with a dead pick up in picnic area. Tried jumping them with no luck & gave woman a ride back to Canyon Village service station.

Drove back through Hayden Valley with herds of bison in distance. Over Fishing Bridge, drove up to Lake Butte Overlook. Great vista over the lake & hillside covered with wildflowers. Turned around back toward Fishing Bridge & saw a BEAR on bank by road! We were able to pull off the road for some good pictures. Stayed IN car.

Stopped in Lake Village and walked around. Went into Yellowstone Lake Hotel – huge lobby with large windows overlooking the lake. Had a drink, enjoyed the view & music courtesy of piano player. Hotel was built in 1890.

Drive back to Grant Village & saw a large, male elk right by the road!  I am a happy Yellowstone Camper!   Dinner at Lake House Restaurant in Grant Village.  Not as good as Applebee’s but at least it is right on the lake so the views are nice.

Elk by the road
Elk by the road
Bear sighting!






“Adopt the pace of Nature:  her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake

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